I have learned so much about my own style of painting by studying the works of my favourite artists. Below are some of my acrylic paintings that pay homage to those amazing artists who have inspired me.

Not Too Much to Carry-

  After William Adolphe Bouguereau. The original was painted in 1895.                                 




Pygmalion and Galatea- adaptation of Jean-Leon Gerome's 1890 painting


 Pygmalion was a sculptor who carved a beautiful  statue out of ivory and named her Galatea. He fell in love with his creation and begged the Goddess Aphrodite to bring her to life. Aphrodite granted Pygmalion's wish when she saw his sincerity.  

This painting portrays the moment when Galatea is brought to life and embraces Pygmalion.

  Jane Morris - After Dante Gabriel Rossetti   


Boreas (Greek God of the North Wind)-

    After the John William Waterhouse's painting that was

    lost for 90 years

A portrait in the style of Da Vinci. This painting has been sold to a private collector and now resides in New Zealand

  Below is a recent study I did of William Morris's first attempt at a wallpaper design (1862, Trellis). By closely analysing Morris's style - plus Philip Webb's bird drawings - I was able to create my own version of the 'Trellis,' applying the techniques I had acquired.
  My own design in the style of William Morris.