Every painting has a unique 'Process' to it. Therefore, the yellow-brick-road to completion is quite difficult to explain. Below I’ve shown an example of how I created the painting, ‘Sisters’ (sold to a private collector)


Block colours

This painting began with a photo-shoot, using a high quality camera. I then chose my favourite composition and pencilled the outline onto board. The main colours were blocked-in using a large brush. To create a crisp finish, it needed several thin coats of acrylic paint. It is important that the paint doesn't become thick or clumpy. Tip: a hairdryer is handy for the drying process.

This painting began with a photo-shoot, using a high-





Building the Background

Beginning at the top, I completed the fine details of the background. The grass in the foreground was left until last because the blades of grass needed to fall in front of the figures.








Backgound complete - the figures are painted with base colours. (Many, many hours of work have been put in by this point. It can be quite worrying if something goes wrong)






 The finished picture -

Once the faces were complete, I put the finishing touches on the foreground and added my signature. 

This painting has been sold to a private collector.