How To Take the Perfect Pic For Your Portrait


Photographing your pet can be tricky, so here's a quick guide to help:


Natural light is key! Photos taken outside on an overcast day are usually best. Conservatories also have great lighting during the day. Another option is to have your pet sitting near a window with the light on their face (not behind them). Try to avoid electric lighting and please don't use the flash on your camera.




Background and Focus 

Ensure your pet is the focus of the photograph. The background is unimportant when choosing your photo because it won't be included in the portrait, but the head-and-shoulders of your pet need to be forefront and clear. The closer to the camera, the clearer the features and details will be.





  • The sitting position is the perfect pose for a portrait.

  • Try holding a tasty treat to help your pet sit still. Treats will also help your dog focus on the camera.
  • Make sure the eyes are open, visible and bright. Usually, if there is a highlight reflecting in the eye, then the picture shows the eyes to the best vantage.
  • If possible, get down on the pet's level so they're looking forward rather than upwards.



Final Tip:

If you're not sure which of your photographs would best suit a portrait, please feel free to send as many as you'd like. I'm always happy to help!